Friday, December 31, 2010

Hoping your new year is terrific and bright!!!

I looking forward to a joyous adventure in meeting new and creative people who share my love for beads, color and design. May are contests, challenges, and submissions help us all be better people for this year and those to come!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to you all. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and this is the second Christmas I have spent with my beautiful son. It was so much fun playing Santa Claus. He woke up this morning and went straight for the truck that my mother got him. He ignored the rest of the stuff. It is truly wonderful sharing this special day with my child. I enjoyed Christmas so much as a child and then once I reach 16 it was like (almost) another day. My parents said once you have your own it will get better...well they were right as always parents! Don't tell my mother I said that!

Next is a trip to my brother's, he is the host this year. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the day.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joann's Demo Challenge

Jesse James bead sets (left), finished stretch bracelets

Throughout my three years working at Joann Etc., I elect to do the jewelry demos every so often. In the pass I usually post (months later) when I complete one. I want to get better at posting these sort of things but I get so bumped about the demo that I don’t get excited about doing them. Reason being because the demos are usually very easy skills that I acquired some time ago. I’m a person who needs to be challenged (there goes that word again) but anyway…I need to be provoked! So today I provoked myself into doing something different.

the finished bracelet with a charm dangle from the toggle

I got so excited about the challenge and revealing yesterday that I’m still in that mode, looking for another avenue pump up the creative juices and come up with something good. I went in earlier in the week to make a couple of the samples for the demo and realized that it really would only take me 15 minutes to complete the entire thing (I get two hours for each demo). So I challenged myself to come with a new design, using different techniques and skill sets but using some of the beads from the demo. The beads are titled "Designer Mixes, Trendy, Hot, Current Colors". I think it looks like a blue jean mix. I also added beads from the Michaels Challenge and some of the rock crystal. I have three different metals; brass, silver and gunmetal in this design. It’s funny because the managers and guests liked my bracelet over the stretch ones. I felt good about it too!

I just wanted to share my self created challenge. I want to host a challenge, titled “Treasure Hunt”. I haven’t worked out the details yet but as soon as I do I’ll let everyone in on it. I thought blog hopping and viewing each other’s designs was fun. And I can’t wait to get started on the next one.

Below is the Jesse James display at the store.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Michaels Challenge Reveal


The 3rd Challenged for Michaels and it seems to be the Winter Edition. I named my piece due to my picture below (previous post). It took me so long to finally get this piece made. I started with actually making a double chain assemble but did not like it. The pendant did not quite turn out as I had planned...PRACTICE need more PREACTICE but nevertheless I'm happy with the end result. I know what to do next time.

The pendant is a cut out from the my previous post. I added the red czech to reflect the frozen berries and the rock (quartz) crystal I just wanted to add it. I substituted the faceted MOP bead with the open black MOP beads. I could find the pearl (went to two Michaels and called three).

I had a ton of fun making this piece. I gotta work on the pics too!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remember This....

Good Afternoon!

Well, I'm off to work after I post this entry. I was so happy that everything turn out so cool with this photo, at least the first step that! I went to the photo shop at Meijer and got just the size I need. I could not contain the utter excitement I have about this picture.

Let's do a little history here...this pic I took in January of 2007 when we had an ice storm. It was horrible to drive in but I woke up the next day, looked out the window and saw the beauty. I told myself I'm not letting another snow nor ice covered tree get away. So, I grabbed my camera and went on and excursion. It was cold but so much fun! By far this is the prettiest picture of all that I took that day. I hope what I plan to do next with it will be additional treasure.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Work n Progress...

Ha ha! I said I was getting ready for my party on the 16th and I'm not playing. I have bs long enough and it's time for me to ARRIVE! LOL! No, seriously here are JUST some of the things I've decided to pull out of my head and make an reality.

I really want to get back into my business of making jewelry. I have been off track for a while and having a baby did not help matters either but of course I will not place blame on him…it’s all me. I love everything about crafting and selling my designs but I’ve gotten lost along the way. So, I have endured the struggle and accept all that it brings. I have decided to stop making excuses and just find a way to do things. And I have tried and tried again to find my own design voice, let me tell you it’s a work in progress, as we all are as humans.

In trying to find my own voice I have found that it is a journey and not a trip or a vacation. It’s going to be on going and never ending and I’m going to find that some aspects of myself I don’t like, so I’ll change. Brick walls, ditches, dug holes, gutters, barrels, ish up creeks and forked roads are all really, REALLY good experiences. Of course while going through the experience is agony but it gives way to growth. I know trust me personally. You will discover so much about yourself by going through…literally!

I have come to really like…no LOVE my mad ideas and I have learned to love those ideas whether others do or don’t because they are all of me, from me, so who else but me should love them. My designs are my babies, my children. We all love children whether their good or bad especially those of your own.

I did not expect this post to be so long but I guess I just felt like sharing. Anyway, if you made it this far you've seen some pics of the things I’ve been working on…Have a good one, People!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Eventful Jewelry Day

I had the most eventful day today and it all centered guess it JEWELRY! I have went through all my old stuff and arranged a spreadsheet to figure out what I'm keeping for the re-scheduled Holiday Party on December 16th. There are somethings I'm going to take apart and redo, others that will simply be giveaways. Everything is going to be on sale 30% and up on the 16th.

The other half of the day consist of shopping for the next Michael's Challenge which will be revealed on December 17th. I got all but one of the five items and that's because I forgot what they look like, I was shopping by memory. If you want more information on the challenge click here.

I have an idea about the piece I'm going to create already. I just have to sit down and let the beads talk to me and tell me what they want to do, so to speak.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Andrew Thornton Benefit – We Need Your Help!

Hey checkout Vintaj blog

There are 3 limited edition jewelry kits & 2 finished jewelry lines that they have designed to help benefit Andrew Thornton. Please visit the blog for more information.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Jewelry Party

The party will be held at the Hampton Inn
(20600 Haggerty Rd, Northville, MI)

The first ten people to RSVP will receive a FREE GIFT!

Special discounts for the event:
• Buy 2 pair of earrings get the 3rd free
• When you RSVP by November 17th you receive 40% off one item or 20% off your entire order. In order to receive this discount you must bring the coupon to the event. Once you RSVP a coupon will be sent to your inbox.
• For every $100.00 that you spend you will receive an additional 10% off your entire order (includes the above discount).
I.e., $100.00 order gives an additional 10% off, $200.00 order is 20% off, etc.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Giveaway

I just copied the blog entry straight from Lorelei's blog. I thought this was such a good idea. So cool! If only I could be the lucky winner.

Here is a pic of the box Lorelei will be giving away.
From Lorelei's blog:
(you have to enter the comment on her blog to be considered)

Last week, I was the lucky recipient of the Sisterhood of the Traveling bead box-
(Originated by the talented Heather Powers of Humblebeads- Heather compiled a large box of beads from her studio, and offered them in a giveaway on her blog. The box has traveled through the hands of about 8 different people!

I won by sheer LUCK as my comment was picked on Kristie's Artisan Clay blog. When it arrived, I was so excited and eager to go through the contents! It was equivalent to Christmas morning, except there was a glass of wine, and instead of in front of the tree, I was on the floor of my studio.

I picked out a handful of my favorite items, here is a pic of a few things I picked out.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tutu...FINISHED!!!

I got the tutu done. It turned out so pretty she (my niece) loved it!

It was funny because I was apprehensive about the four layers of different colors but it turned out cute.

The whole idea was my niece's, I just put it together.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Michaels Challendge

I did not participate in this challenge :( but I will next time (if you click on the title, it should take you to the list of designers so you too can blog hop). I did the hop to most on the list and saw some really cool designs. I love challenges like this. It's amazing to see what each individual sees in the beads. I encourage you to leave comments and become followers of the blogs.

Beads speak to me and tell me what to do with them and when I listen I find myself with an extraordinary piece of jewelry. I've been thinking maybe of starting my own challenge as well. It would be fun.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

98 designs and counting...

Here are a couple of things I made...this morning literally.
I wanted to post these just to show I made progress.
I haven't named this piece yet.

Black mother of pearl shell, Obsidian and Black Onyz
with cotton waxed cord and toggle clasp.

Follow Your Heart

freshwater pearls, bali silver, Swarovski and Celestial crystal with white waxed cotton cord and a toggle clasp.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

100 designs + a tutu in 14 days

I have set a goal I know so HIGH that it's going to be nearly impossible to complete but that's the beauty of a goal, especially one as challenged as this!

This is the deal I set the 100 designs for the month of October but to no avail as of today, I've only completed 1 pair of earrings and half a necklace. I'm trying to build inventory for a couple of parties coming up in November and hopefully for those to following December.

You know the worst part is (you thought I gave you the bad news already - NO) I'm having designer's block (like writer's block, I have those too!), so I in stuck mode. I'll work through it besides...The Michaels' Challenge will help me at least get a couple of necklaces actually completed...we shall see!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8-28-10 Demo @Joann

This is the last demo I did at Joann (my place of work). I was a bit bored but the guests loved them.

The beads used are the Jesse James bead assortments. There are some cool bead set but you just have to know how to come of with a great design.

The second demo was a memory wire necklace. The beads are pink and purple cat's eye. The wire is purple colored wire. You guess it the guest loved it!

The next Demo is November 13, 2010 at Joann Etc. in Novi, Michigan

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Adventures...I'm getting published!!!

I am so happy to be announcing that I will be featured in the December 2010 issue of Bead Trends. Look out for the design titled Trapeze Earrings. I am so excited. I can't wait for the issue to be released.

I will post pictures of my featured design, Trapeze Earrings!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lovely Gifts

I was at Leo's in Birmingham tonight and handed out some of my lovely gifts. Hopefully, you got one...if not then be on the look out!!!

I love giving gifts!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Butterflies n' Orchids

I designed these two pieces, necklace and earrings for the Butterflies n' Orchid design contest for Vintaj Natural Brass. Only thing is I missed the deadline by a day.
Oh well...I'll have better luck next time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Classes for August 2010

If you would like to register for classes please visit our store and purchase your class slot and your kit. You will receive your $10.00 credit for signing up for both the class and purchasing the kit. All classes are held at the Hampton Inn Northville located on Haggerty Rd in the Detroit Metro area.

We also offer private lessons for 1 or 30 people. So if the time frame is not right for you or the project does capture your style then please free to schedule your own private lessons. For more information email us:


World PEACE rooted in Love

(limited time only)
was $25.00

Class Times:

Monday, August 16: 12 noon - 2pm
Saturday, August 21: 3pm - 5pm
Monday, August 23: 6pm-8pm
Monday, August 30: 12 noon-2pm

Glitz and Glamaour - Watch the Time

(limited time only)
was: $25.00
Class Times:
Monday, August 16: 3-5pm
Saturday, August 21: noon - 2pm
Monday, August 23: noon -2pm
Monday, August 30: 6 - 8pm

If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to Serena Trent via email:

Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Summer Breeze Sweepstakes

$85.00 Value

You could win this lovely watch and five other gifts created by PinkIce Jewels. The Winner will receive a free jewelry set valued at $30.00 or higher (included in the five gifts mentioned above). Enter our contest by sending an email to Your full name, address and phone number should be included in the email and subject line should read "Summer Breeze Sweepstakes". Best of Luck to you all.

Contest Guidelines
No purchase necessary to win prize. There is only one entry per email address. Participant must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. By entering this contest you are joining the email list of PIJWorld. Participant must remain on the email list for the duration of the contest promotion (twelve months). Actual postal (physical) address must be supplied along with the email address. Entries without postal address will not be eligible to win. Deadline to enter contest will be September 30, 2010. Winner will be announced October 8, 2010. Winner will be notified by email and/ or postal mail no later than October 15, 2010. The winner will receive their prize by November 1st .
If you have any question send to, please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jewelry Designs for the Ultimate White Party!

Every year now Detroit has been hosting the Ultimate White Party. This is the first year that I have made jewelry designs specifically for this event.

PinkIce Jewels designs are now available at Brick House Designs located in Northland Mall, Southfield, Michigan.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 21-day consciousness cleanse

I decided on Monday to finally do this cleanse after 4 months of toting the book around in my bag. I basically was not mentally ready for this journey. I've been going through some things and though I thought I was ready to let it go, I really wasn't. As psychotic as this may sound...I was enjoying the HURT! It felt bad but I believe I was finding some sort of joy in the pain. Now, I am truly ready and done with being joyous in sorrow...DONE!

But like I said, I decided to do this Monday. I was so anxious that I was going to do it that night but something told me to just wait til the morning to dive in and dive I did. I started Day 1: The Gift of Desire but I did not finish. I did not complete the all of the exercises, so I was going to stay on day 1 but something once again said no proceed to Day 2: The Gift of Self-awareness (baby let me tell you it been all of 4 hours) and already I feel a huge weight off the much lighter! But I'll discuss that tomorrow.

See, I plan to document my 21 day journey and hopeful in me telling some of this, it'll help someone decide to take this journey themselves because already I'm happier for today's self awareness. So, in the morning hopefully (if I stick to the schedule) I can report how and what the previous day brought forth. I will not get very detailed but enough for you to get my point.


I was not very focus but with the little bit of exercises I did do...I discovered what I most desire at this point in my life! Trust me, those that I desire most isn't what I thought at all, other things were the precedent. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I did not complete the first day I really don't have any thing else to say other than...I'm going to love this journey.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picture Moods

The night pic

I was in a picture taking mood the other day. I took some pics of the scene in the back of my apt complex. I have both night and day pics because I got up that morning and was in the mood to take more pics. I think I'm a!

The Day pics

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My little guy!

Here is my little one as promised...Savon. He was feeding himself for the first time. lol!

Getting over the boredom of FOOD!

I was watching the food network as normal or I should say as usual. It's my moms doing, lol! Anyway, I've been so bored with the normal food selections that I decided to make a couple of the recipes from Sunny Anderson's show. She had an inexpensive meal, which did not turn out to be so cheap if you know what I mean. It was the need to get all the seasonings that aren't normally setting in a normal pantry, for instance, mustard seeds, pink peppercorn, hot paprika and smoked paprika.

Well, I went on with my bright idea even though it cost me a small fortune for the night. I could have went to Joe's Crab Shack or PF Changs but I stuck to my guns and did the damn thang! LOL!

Anyway the dishes I made are as follows:

  • Braised Red Cabbage and Turnips : this was a good dish especially coupled with the next recipe

  • Chunky Pear Chutney: this is sooo good. I'm not a huge fan of the spicy but I like when paired with the sweet! This dish is every bit of sweet and spicy. I love it with the cabbage. Sunny...bravo! :D My tummy thanks you.
  • Grilled Lamb Chops: I didn't do the Chicken Fried Pork chops only because I already had Lamb Chops that I wanted to sink my teeth thus Lamb Chops! LOL These too were scrumpouslicious! The lemon with the thyme was so good and garlic is always a bonus! My hat off to Bobby too! MUAH!
Now only what am I to do with tonight's dinner. I think I'm going to gear it to the kid (my lovely 13 month old son), Savon! I will be introducing him soon!
I so wish I had of taken a picture of my wonderful meal. Oh well, next time!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I want to do another wave of advertisement. I need to create a buzz about PIJWorld and I would like for you to join me.

The plan is to give out 500 of these bags during the month of February. I will be setting a goal of 125 per week. I am giving them while I am at school, Henry Ford Community College and the malls in the Detroit Metro area. It's going to include a couple of Hershey Kisses and info to join my newsletter.


Its $1.00 per 100 bags plus your materials. I have 19 slots available as of 1/27/2010

If you would like to advertise your business just email me,

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