Saturday, July 28, 2007

Etsy Feature Seller :: Bonny Jewelry

My name is Bonny and I'm a New Englander at heart. I was born and raised on the Maine
coast near the Canadian border but now live in Manchester NH with my hubby and collie.

My etsy shop - Bonny Jewelry - can be found at and contains an assortment of affordable beaded jewelry pieces. If you would like more information, I also have a blog which can be found at

My favorite color combinations contain blues in monochromatic tones. I love the way they play off each other, especially if I add in greens and a neutral to really make them "pop". Blue is very calming to me and I love working with the various shades.

The first thing I ever made by hand was an embroidered kitten picture that my aunt gave me (besides the grammar school projects of course!). One Christmas I received from her a sewing basket filled with threads and goodies and a stamped picture of a kitten to embroider. She taught me needlework and I still love doing it to this day. People should buy handmade just to know that alot of thought and care went into every single creation - regardless of the art - and that the item is special and unique for that very reason.

My jewelry is inspired by lots of different things - color combinations that
I like, my flower garden, the beach - I'm always trying new ideas. I also love to experiment with different techniques and tend to create according to the mood I'm in. My "workroom" is my kitchen counter. When I am working on new items, it is absolutely covered with boxes filled with different beads and my bead board. I also love to listen to music when I'm making new designs - humming along to a favorite tune and doing something that you love really makes the time fly!

Not sure if this is a bit of wisdom on selling your craft but ... many of
my items are also sold at craft shows. I've found that it's a great way to test the market to see if your items are liked, helps with pricing, and gets your name out
there for others to find you online. I highly recommend trying some just to
get feedback and to see if there is a market for your items!

Current projects include my new anklet line (all sterling silver on marine
quality jewelry wire - you can wear these in the shower and they won't
unravel or fray!). Other things I love to do include playing in my flower beds,cross stitching and other needlework, and reading. My books of choice really depend upon my mood - whether I want to read something "serious" or just relax and enjoy a bubblegum book (nothing substantial - just something to chew). I must admit though, I am looking forward to receiving my copy of the last Harry Potter book!

In ten years I'd like to be ... living in a little coastal town in Maine selling my jewelry to local shops and online via my own website. And I'd love to be a foster home for the Collie Rescue League of New England (website =

Monday, July 23, 2007

Theme of the Week ~ July 23 :: July 28

Earthy Elements!!!

Picked by PinkIceJewels (she has a FABULOUS tribal line in her shop!!) is intending anything natural, earthy, bone, coconut, stones, seeds, wood, tribal or ethnic-y. Something new for etsyBEAD!!Here is how it works. etsyBEAD sellers will get to work in their studios creating new items to fit the theme. (Of they can relist something already in their shops.) Once they list it, it will be specially priced somehow, tagged with "EBTW" and listed on our group Flickr page. are also encouraged to post links to their shops in this thread as well. Check back all week as new items are added all the time! Just don't wait to long...prices go back up after the new Theme is announced NEXT Sunday!!Sellers, please please please! Use the search function in your shop to find all old tags of EBTW and remove them. This tag is ONLY for the current week's items. Buyers thank you, as it keeps the search on theme for the week.

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