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Slyvoan Editoral: Wardrobe Solutions & Style

The number one wardrobing solution for me is all in knowing my body, the way clothes lay across my curves and obtaining a correct precise fit are key. This is key because not every woman has curves in the same place or an identical structure. An article of clothing may look stunning on me but may not give the same affect if Queen Latifah were to ware it and vice versa. This fact is proven true in magazine features that display two actresses with the same dress, one actress always has a radiance and the assemble glows, while the other looks drab. In choosing styles that accentuates my curvy figure, I know that it must be a good fit and simultaneously create a look of elegance. I achieve this because for one I have been a seamstress for twenty-two years and through trial and error gained understanding of which styles work best for my petite, pear-shape figure. I don’t hide my shape but accentuate my best attributes, such as my legs, my hips and breasts. This is why I pay close attention to these areas, making sure that my clothing highlights my curves in a positive way.

Another key thing is defining my own style through knowing me. My style, I have come to realize has been a journey that I’m not fully done walking and to be honest I don’t ever think it will be over until my last breath. Everyday, I discover something new or different about myself. As each new mole or gray hair pops up I learn to love it just as I’ve learned to love me. Really that is what defines my style or anyone’s style and assists in my wardrobing solutions.

One’s own attitude can be a remarkable accessory to any outfit you place on your body. The realization of one’s awareness for one’s self shines through because you have become consciously aware of yourself. Your likes, dislikes, what looks good on you and what is an extension of whom you are on the inside.

I’ve learned these things along the way. I can remember not too long ago, not knowing and not wanting to love myself. But I’ve come to love Serena and all that she posses within her being and that too I’ve come to realize is a treasure trove.

Honestly, when selecting my clothing and I choose to let my real desire, my own taste choose it’s a win-win situation and I become a fabulous beauty. If you want to add the attraction of the opposite sex; I’ve also come to notice that men notice me when I care and believe in myself. Men love the curves and the softness of a voluptuous woman, she is irresistible.

So, my advice to all my curvy women is to accept, know and love your body. I suggest that a woman have a tailor gather her measurements and when purchasing items pay close attention to what your body is telling you about you!

Birthstone: June, The Pearl

Pearls symbolize and activate innocence, purity, and transform lower vibrations and thought forms to higher, more positive expanding ones. Pearls integrate the human and divine to bring compassion, truth, and freedom, to one's daily life, engaging inspiration and aspiration to achieve one's goals and soul purpose. They help soothe the stomach and intestines and support detoxing the skin, glands, and mental body.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Lighthouse Lampwork

A wonderful artist who creates such beautiful beads. The colors are so vivid and clear. And as a constant customer of these lampwork beads, I can truly say that they are more beautiful in person.

About the Artist of Lampwork Beads
My name is Deborah. I have been making Lampwork Beads since 2000. I also teach students the fine art here on the beautiful Oregon Coast. I sell on ebay but plan to broaden my horizons with other online options. My beads are affordable and fun. ~Deborah Bales

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Be Free, Be a "Size Sexy" Woman

One of the things that still amazes me when it comes to larger ladies is the fact that there are still some that can’t believe that they are worthy of a man being attracted to them. I mean I get looks all the time from ladies that are puzzled that I prefer large women or should I say "Size Sexy" women.

I guess for lack of better words I have been asked the "your too good to be true questions" many times over about my preference for big women. I answer all questions as honest as I can and from the point of view that there are many men out there that think exactly the way that I do, but because of the flack that we get from friends and family we as men are not as open about loving a woman with some hips and curves.

I married a big woman and as a man when I am out on the town it will always be a big woman that will catch my attention. From the way she carries herself to the way she dresses, every part of her will grab my attention and have me cheering for her inside if I don’t have the opportunity to tell her personally.

Ladies know that there are plenty of men that love you just the way that you are, hips, curves, thighs and everything in between. If you don't think there are women out there that know it then take a look at Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance. It is not only up for season three but it is going to a "reality" format to decided the winner. These ladies ‘know" that they look good from there head to there toes and are not afraid to tell the world and neither should you. I have blogged about these things and more on Full Figure Plus and Curvy Silhouettes my blogs that are dedicated to everything plus size. If you want to see a daily testimonial to my dedication to full figured women then check out my blogs and subscribe to them so you won’t miss out on anything.

I know that it is difficult to see yourself as sexy when society is telling women that the only way you can look good is if you are a size 6. Just remember those around you think you are beautiful, will be there for you when your feeling a little down about yourself and need that extra word of encouragement or hug to get you through the rough times.

Hold your head up strike that smile because the next time you go out and about there is some man out there that is looking at you like you are the most beautiful person on the face of the earth. But if you don't believe it yourself and it shows from the inside out then you may miss the man that’s right for you. You will always get love from me and men like me that are open about it . Do your thing girl and don't let anything or anyone hold you back.

Glen Johnson, Full Figure Plus
Curvy Silhouettes

Frumpy to Fabulous in 12 Easy Steps

Beauty is difficult to define because it is so subjective. Each woman is created so uniquely that we should not try to conform to society’s ideal of what beauty is. All women have the opportunity to look and feel good about their appearance regardless of her dress size, hair texture or facial features. To look beautiful, discover and accentuate your best features. It does take effort and commitment. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely. Taking care of your appearance will not only help you look better, it will help you feel better about yourself too! How you look affects how you think of yourself and how you relate with other people.
Here are some things you can do everyday to help you look your best:
  1. Get a good haircut that fits your lifestyle! If you need a wash and wear style, tell your hairdresser. If you have curly hair and want a style that is straight, don’t get it done unless you are 100% committed to using your blow-dryer daily! Remember, embrace your uniqueness.

  2. Have good hygiene. Pretty basic, but if you don’t wash your face every night before bed, you will have breakouts! If you don’t take care of your teeth, your smile will not be brilliant!

  3. Exfoliate. The number one thing a woman can do to make her skin look and feel better is to exfoliate! Skin naturally sheds it’s outer layer but the resulting build-up can leave skin dull and flaky. The build-up clogs pores, leaving blackheads for you to battle with. Exfoliating 3-5 times a week will help prevent breakouts and will rid you off flaky skin, revealing healthier looking skin. Here’s a Hot Tip: Exfoliating your legs before shaving will leave you with a super silky shave!

  4. Apply make-up. A good make-up routine does not take more than 5 minutes! If you really can’t spare 5 minutes, at least apply a good moisturizer with SPF, lip gloss and mascara.

  5. Dress in style. It really is just as easy to pull on a great fitting pair of jeans, a cute fitted tee and stylish flats as it is to pull on a pair of sweats, baggy tee and tennis shoes! You’ll look and feel more put together by simply putting a moment’s thought into what you put on.

  6. Accessorize. Accessories are the cheapest way to update your wardrobe. A great pair of earrings will draw attention upward to your face; a fashionable belt, shoes or great handbag can add style to any outfit; sunglasses can hide dark under eye circles and a stylish hat is great for bad hair days (We all have them, even with a great cut!)!

  7. Own a pair of Red High Heels. For an evening out with your man, nothing is sexier than a great pair of red high heels! Black heels are fine, but RED heels are great! They give you a feeling of confidence and sexiness like nothing else! Your man will be thrilled to be seen with a Hot Mama in red heels!

  8. Exercise. It really is true that exercise makes you look and feel better! Exercise does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Taking a walk pushing the baby stroller or walking the stairs rather than taking the elevator can be very beneficial for your health and mood!

  9. Fix yourself up for your man! If you have been home all day with the kids, put on a clean shirt, spritz on a body spray, run a brush through your hair and slick on some gloss! If you have been at work all day, freshen up before leaving work. Apply some lipstick, straighten your hair, and put a smile on. Men are what they are. They enjoy a pretty face so why not make the effort to freshen up for the man you love? He will appreciate your efforts!

  10. Dump the Flannel. Yes, it keeps you warm but so can your man. Invest in some sexy jammies. You don’t have to wear silk lingerie every night but throw out the frumpy flannel and sex it up a little. Nothing promotes romance like a little skin!

  11. Smile! Even when you don’t feel like putting a smile on, do it. It is contagious. When you smile, the world smiles back and you will be wearing a genuine smile in no time! Few things are more attractive than a great smile!

  12. Have confidence. Nothing is sexier than a woman with confidence.
Every woman is beautiful but looking your best does take some effort. There are many resources available on how to dress for your body type, what hairstyle best suits your face shape, how to apply make-up for your skin type and facial features, and how to care for your body through diet and exercise. Take the extra minutes to care for your appearance and give yourself the chance to look your best. When you look great, you feel great!

Tammy Gibson, Owner
In Style Moms

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