Saturday, June 2, 2007

Slyvoan Editoral: Wardrobe Solutions & Style

The number one wardrobing solution for me is all in knowing my body, the way clothes lay across my curves and obtaining a correct precise fit are key. This is key because not every woman has curves in the same place or an identical structure. An article of clothing may look stunning on me but may not give the same affect if Queen Latifah were to ware it and vice versa. This fact is proven true in magazine features that display two actresses with the same dress, one actress always has a radiance and the assemble glows, while the other looks drab. In choosing styles that accentuates my curvy figure, I know that it must be a good fit and simultaneously create a look of elegance. I achieve this because for one I have been a seamstress for twenty-two years and through trial and error gained understanding of which styles work best for my petite, pear-shape figure. I don’t hide my shape but accentuate my best attributes, such as my legs, my hips and breasts. This is why I pay close attention to these areas, making sure that my clothing highlights my curves in a positive way.

Another key thing is defining my own style through knowing me. My style, I have come to realize has been a journey that I’m not fully done walking and to be honest I don’t ever think it will be over until my last breath. Everyday, I discover something new or different about myself. As each new mole or gray hair pops up I learn to love it just as I’ve learned to love me. Really that is what defines my style or anyone’s style and assists in my wardrobing solutions.

One’s own attitude can be a remarkable accessory to any outfit you place on your body. The realization of one’s awareness for one’s self shines through because you have become consciously aware of yourself. Your likes, dislikes, what looks good on you and what is an extension of whom you are on the inside.

I’ve learned these things along the way. I can remember not too long ago, not knowing and not wanting to love myself. But I’ve come to love Serena and all that she posses within her being and that too I’ve come to realize is a treasure trove.

Honestly, when selecting my clothing and I choose to let my real desire, my own taste choose it’s a win-win situation and I become a fabulous beauty. If you want to add the attraction of the opposite sex; I’ve also come to notice that men notice me when I care and believe in myself. Men love the curves and the softness of a voluptuous woman, she is irresistible.

So, my advice to all my curvy women is to accept, know and love your body. I suggest that a woman have a tailor gather her measurements and when purchasing items pay close attention to what your body is telling you about you!

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