Friday, January 7, 2011

Messing around with Polymer Clay

I've been playing with the polymer clay and I've come up with a few things. I practicing on some techniques. One of these days soon I'll be making something to actually keep!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fight or Plight?

A lot has been on my mind with the new year beginning and I've been thinking lately about things in life that we all go through daily. There are some things that I have been sitting on the fence about and the message "let go" as been resonated throughout by being. Though I know it's best to probably let go, I don't want to do so. I want to stand and fight for what I believe in and what I want...reason being because I see, feel and know the worth of what it is I will be letting go. I know how special it is and the potential for beyond special is there as well. If I decide to truly let go, I think it will be the biggest mistake of the lives of all those involved. But then again mistakes have their purpose too! Sometimes our mistakes are our greatest accomplishments! There is beauty in that irony.

So,at what point do you decide to stand and fight or just let go! What makes it worth the fight? Is it the simple conclusion of being the winner or can it be living in the moment of your desire. We all have breaking points, so does it mean that if I let go then I've been broken or a failure?

I'm speaking on the topics of life, love and business. I'm just giving some outward expression to my inward thoughts.

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