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I hope you find iStyle worth your while. There are many things that I like to do in addition to my crafts and that is write. I created iStyle so that I could combine my writing with my love for crafts. I hope you like the information and topics as much as I do. I ask that you give feedback and tell me what stunk and what was pleasing to you. This will assist me in staying on my toes and keeping my audience informed and entertained. So, once again thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed yourself so much that you become a subscriber to our email list.

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I Style: Submission Guidelines

Here is a little information on the magazine and what type of audience we are looking to capture. A test run of magazine will be available December 17th, and for those of you interested in submitting articles. If you would like a copy sent to you be sure to sign-up (at the bottom) to receive a copy.

I Style is the identity of personal style, not only about finding one's sense of fashion but capturing style in every area of life, exemplifying one's own style through art, entertainment, relationships, and sports, as well as, fashion.

Target audience:

Young adults in the age group of 25-45 both male and female, who are current living and/or seeking to live life to the fullest. The audience will comprise of single and married couples, getting to know themselves or enhancing their self-knowledge and acquiring their own sense of style.

We are seeking articles to feature in our magazine that highlight the lifestyle of the sophisticated urbanite of today's culture. Topics of articles submitted should display the essence of style on one or more of the following subjects:


Word count for submitted articles should be between 300 to 1000. Links to products and/ or websites must be included in the body and/ or at the end of article. Links must work at the time of submission. All links not working properly at the time of publishing will be removed. Pictures/ graphics are the responsibility of the writer, formats accepted are jpeg or gif, all other formats cannot be supported. Submissions are accepted by email only, no attachments except for pictures/ graphics. Please send all submissions to

If you have any questions please contact me at the above email address. Thanks for your interest in I Style.


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