Thursday, July 23, 2015

i'm essie and color is my obession...

I love color so much so that its hard for me to choose which is my favorite. Actually, blue is my favorite color but only by default. When I was about seven years of age someone asked me what was my favorite color and up until then I always change the answer each time I was asked this question. Then someone says you got to pick a color and stick to it. This is how blue began the journey of being my favorite. 

Now Ive said that to explain that color is a very big source of inspiration for me. I'm drawn to certain beads due to their color. And for some reason I'm obsessed with the advertising ads that ESSIE creates. The ads are so thought provoking when it comes to creativity and design, the very embodiment of inspiration.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunshine and Family

It's what the doctor ordered!!!


I have this itchy rash for the past month and a half. I've been to two previous doctors but today I saw the third one and you know what she told me.......
to go sit in the SUN!!!

Yes sit in the sun! So, my two babies and myself went and sat in the sun eating pineapples and watermelon. Delicious times.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lapis, Coral and Mother of Pearls

I love to challenge myself. So, I go on these bead hauls and tend to go crazy, especially since I just got my tax return. When I told the clerk at the bead store what I wanted to do and showed her my colors she didn't like the color palette. But I had orange and blue in my head and when I react on thoughts without the second guess it usually turns out right. 

I didn't steer myself wrong this time either. I love the way the bracelet and earrings turned out. 


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