Friday, August 24, 2007

This Week's EBTW :: August 26 - Sept 1



This is a great theme for this week. Beautiful jewelry created for brides and their the lovely women of their wedding parties. Some designs may even be treats for the men!

There are two ways to view the complete designs for this week's theme. Visit the following links below:

As always the designs for this week are available on discount. Each individual seller has choosen their own sale discount. Please contact that seller to purchase the design of your desire.

Thank you for viewing our etsyBEAD designs...stay tuned for more EBTW themes for the weeks to come.

Design picured above by Glamorosi

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Etsy Featured Seller :: Roz Petalz Studio

My name is Kathy Swenning. I live in Milford, CT and I am a stay-at-home-mom/polymer clay artist. I have been working with polymer clay for about 15 years & have never gotten tired of it!

My Etsy Shop is Called "Roz Petalz Studio"
just created a blog page...

I love all colors, but my favorite colors for beads are warm, earth tones (brown, gold, orange,green,etc). Fall is my favorite season, that's probably why.

The first thing I made out of polymer clay was beads. I made them, beacuse I was running out of money, so I decided to make my own!

I find inspiration everywhere! Living near the ocean, I get ideas from the water, sand, shells, etc. My kid's cartoons give me ideas for characters, etc. Most of my ideas for color combos come from nature.I am most creative when I am bored (which isn't often). When I have time to think of crazy ideas,etc. The seasons also give me idas.

I create in my basement studio - mostly at night when the house is quiet & everyone else is asleep.

My favorite material, is obviously polymer clay! I also have been experimenting with acrylic paint lately.

My favorite thing to do with my creativity is to create something beautiful to give to a friend or family member as a gift.

People should buy handmade itrems when they want something, one of a kind that comes from within a person's spirit & passion.

Tips & Wisdom for selling handmade...Don't give up! It's so satisfying once you get going! It takes awhile to build a customer base, but if you have a quality product, you will get one.I've gotten a lot of good advice from Etsy people & people on the "other" auction site too regarding advertising and promotion. I have also just made some good connections for sharing ideas, etc.

I'm more of a magazine reader, lately. Bon Appetite & Women's Day are my current subscriptions.

Currently I have been focusing on Made to Match items & experimenting with creating OOAK pendants.

In ten years I'd like to be .. running a successful polymer clay business that will allow greater financial freedom for my family. I'd also love to be one of those "recognizable" names when it comes to polymer clay.

Etsy items...

Monday, August 20, 2007

etsyBEAD *EBTW* Theme of the week :: Aug. 19-25

was selected by SilverFaerieDesigns

members of the Team are creating items of"Starlight" for you this week!!!

Then listing them, specially tagged with both "ebtw" and "starlight" so you can easily find them.

We also upload our theme items to our group flickr page...I'll be back with that link!But you gotta be quick! These items will only remain on sale until the next Theme is announced next Sunday!

Bracelet Design by KatCrociante

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Turquoise :: Gemstone Facts

Turquoise (stabilized) Grade B. Turquoise beads are beautiful additions for custom necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Stabilized for strength.

Howlite (dyed), turquoise color
Dyed a deep turquoise blue, this stone is ideal for southwest designs. The dye on these beads tend not to be permanent. But beads have been washed to help stabilize the color.

*These facts obtain to the beads used in the jewelry designs of PinkIce Jewels.*

Kambaba Jasper::Gemstone Facts

Kambaba Jasper's deep rich patterns of green, like the cool, mossy forest floor. This new material has orbicular (circular) patterns of dark green plus medium green color in a medium luster opaque stone. Very cool and relaxing color. From South Africa!

Kambaba Jasper is an exotic looking jasper from Africa. It is said to mystically soothe the nerves and state of mind. As with other jaspers, traditional lore says that it is good for grounding and protection. It is purported to be beneficial for plant growth and health, particularly in arid environmentsor where the soil is poor. Crystal healing lore says that Kambaba Jasper helps dietary stabilization, assimilation of vitamins and minerals, and cleansing the body of toxins. Kambaba Jasper is an exotic gem from Africa. and a fairly new find. The stone is a loden green with black swirl patterns. Jasper is said to be a calming stone that can help connect you to the Earth.

Jade (Dyed) Gemstone Facts

Jade (DYED)

This gemstone can be dyed in varies colors. Dyed Jade gemstone beads are color-enhanced throughout the stone of varies colors. The result is a bright, vivid color on each semiprecious bead. You can see colored veins streaming through the beads.

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