Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New 2012 Year!!!

I know I'm late in my salute to you for the new year! But HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I learned alot about myself this past year...I know who I am in Jesus! I know that faith goes beyond the boundaries of our small minds especially if you move SELF out the way. I know that I have the strength of my ancestors...yes I do! There is nothing that is impossible for me! And this year's events gave proof to Hebrews 11:3!

It's going to be a wonderful year! I have high aspirations for myself and my business for this year. I have really enjoyed posting earrings on a everyday basis, so I've created a new blog that I feature a pair of earrings everyday. These earrings aren't just my creations but those of others. The blog is titled Ear Candy 365. 

Please visit EARCANDY365 and follow my new blog....

Featured earrings today....

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