Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Post and an Update

Okay, I am totally behind in all my reason is (it's a very good reason), I found out this week that I am expecting my 2nd child in 7 months. I almost wrote my 7th child in two months. WOW, wouldn't that be somethang seeing as though I don't know where the 2nd through the 6th came and to just find out you've been pregnant for the past 7 months would definitely be a shocker! So therefore, I only painted my backgrounds for my pendants (30 of them) and I need 20 more. I'll re-adjust my timeline and set another deadline. I pray that the morning sickness does not get the best of me!

The next topic of discussion is the Bead Soup Blog Party!
Michelle Heim is my partner and we seem to be matched up pretty well. Neither of us really had any hang ups and absolutely love beads. We also as a team fell behind in getting our beads to each other because we were continuously adding things. I'm quite she hasn't received hers just seeing as I just sent it out this morning! Yes, I know...I'm bad! Sorry Michelle! I hope the selection of beads I sent will make up for it! I have put a sneak peak of the beads I sent Michelle.

Now on to the Art Bead Scene Monthly challenge for January. I am in the process of making the beads for my project and I have 3 more days I think but my plan is to finish by tonight, take pictures at work tomorrow and post on the ABS flickr group Sunday! We will see, which means I gotta go...see ya!

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