Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stirring up the Soup...Blog Hopping

I have done a bit of blog hopping over the past few days and I tell ya, I'm not nearly as close to finish as I would like...WHEW!

I decided to create a couple of collages of my personal favs. Everyone did an awesome job but these just were the bomb to me! May it be color combos and/ or designs elements I just loved them. There are 18 pieces that I LOVE so far. I've made it through to #80 on the list. Tomorrow I'll start from the bottom and work my way up and maybe, just maybe I'll make it through another 80. I will not be stopping until I'm done even if it takes a couple of weeks, I'll be around to see you...PROMISE!!!
Oh yea, I plan to list everyone's blog below. I'll do it tomorrow so those of you who have paid homeage to these lovely designers can do so...
Until then good night! I'm tired!
Here is the list of the pictures above: (one is name is missing, I cannot find the correct blog name. I did not save it right)

4. Lisa Petrillo, Lucid Moon Studio
5. Anitra Gordy, Leelu Creations
13. Marian Hertzog, M's Place
23. Libby Leuchtman, Libby Leu
28. Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter
29. Cyndi Lavin, Beading Arts
30. Courtney Breul, Beads by Breul
39. Barbara Lewis, Painting With Fire
47. Amanda Davie, Articulations
52. Melanie Brooks, Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
58. Amy Freeland, Copper Diem
59. Lisa Liddy, Joolz By Lisa
61. Mary Harding, Mary Harding Bead Blog
73. Jeanette Ryan, Jeanette Blix
74. Jackie Ryan, Silver Lodge Gems
78. Jana Trupovniece, Stories of the Secret Garden
173. Melissa Rediger, Sea of Glass
*Whomever name their picture bsc2011.jpg is also one of my favs!

For some reason the links did not stay but the original list with links is listed here!

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