Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 21-day consciousness cleanse

I decided on Monday to finally do this cleanse after 4 months of toting the book around in my bag. I basically was not mentally ready for this journey. I've been going through some things and though I thought I was ready to let it go, I really wasn't. As psychotic as this may sound...I was enjoying the HURT! It felt bad but I believe I was finding some sort of joy in the pain. Now, I am truly ready and done with being joyous in sorrow...DONE!

But like I said, I decided to do this Monday. I was so anxious that I was going to do it that night but something told me to just wait til the morning to dive in and dive I did. I started Day 1: The Gift of Desire but I did not finish. I did not complete the all of the exercises, so I was going to stay on day 1 but something once again said no proceed to Day 2: The Gift of Self-awareness (baby let me tell you it been all of 4 hours) and already I feel a huge weight off the much lighter! But I'll discuss that tomorrow.

See, I plan to document my 21 day journey and hopeful in me telling some of this, it'll help someone decide to take this journey themselves because already I'm happier for today's self awareness. So, in the morning hopefully (if I stick to the schedule) I can report how and what the previous day brought forth. I will not get very detailed but enough for you to get my point.


I was not very focus but with the little bit of exercises I did do...I discovered what I most desire at this point in my life! Trust me, those that I desire most isn't what I thought at all, other things were the precedent. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I did not complete the first day I really don't have any thing else to say other than...I'm going to love this journey.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picture Moods

The night pic

I was in a picture taking mood the other day. I took some pics of the scene in the back of my apt complex. I have both night and day pics because I got up that morning and was in the mood to take more pics. I think I'm a!

The Day pics

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