Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crystals...this week ebtw!!!

Our latest theme was chosen by Lee from

Look for more than just Swarovski...think anything faceted or crystaline!! etsyBEAD team members are getting creative again this week to meet the new theme and then will put their best Crystal Creations up for sale with special reduced pricing.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Host an Internet PARTY!!!

We are offering jewelry lovers the opportunity to host their very own party. . . on the internet!

As a Hostess you will receive . . .

  • FREE JEWELRY and other gifts
  • Discounts and more FREE gifts

This is an excellent way to get that one PinkIce Jewels' jewelry piece that you've been watching for the past 30 days...

Well here is how it works, when you host a party you will receive points. The points are based on two things, the revenue your party generates and the number of parties booked/ scheduled from yours. Party revenue points are for every five dollars generated through sales, that you, the hostess, receives 1 point. When a friend of yours hostess a party too because you did, you, the hostess will receive 20 points.

So to put this in numbers that we can understand (see example below):

Let's say YOU host a party and your party generates $500 in sales and two of your friends decide to have internet parties as well.

Then you earn 100 points for the sales and 40 points for the two future parties (points for parties booked will not be given until each party has taken placed and sales are finalized). Now you are probably asking what do I do with my 140 points and my answer is . . . you go shopping at the PinkIce Jewels' Etsy Stores. You can purchase anything in the store for $140.00.

As I mentioned above you get other free gifts...a Thank You Package for Hostess Only! Plus a 30% off coupon to continue shopping with PinkIce Jewels.

To register your party, send an email to

(place host party in the subject line)

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