Friday, January 14, 2011

Artomat? What?

I designed and made this pendant about a year and a half ago. It's a painted wooden flat disc with a polymer clay frame. It's been so long I can't even remember how I made it!

That is why I am posting this because I need a virtual kick in the butt! Literally! Check this out...Artomat approved my pendants (pictured to the left) to be sold in the vending machines. I had heard how hard it is to get approved, well I did it my first try! Well, that was in August 2009 and I still have not put the package together to be sold in the machines! I know...see told you I need to be kick in the you know what!

The Artomat concept is really cool! Art is sold out of the refurbished cigarette machines (I actually remember the more current machines from the eighties not from the!). Anyway, I need to make 50 to be sold per order/ shipment. So, I'm going to get them all made, packaged and sold. I need my followers and yes that means you to help me keep my timeline (which I have posted below).

50 pendants completed by deadline: 1/31/2011 (that's painted and framed); packaged deadline: 2/15/2011 (I'll be posting what is going in these packages and I'll need some advice); shipped by deadline: 3/1/2011 (I mean not prepped, prepared but at the post office being dropped off).

So, please help me in this endeavor....PLEASE!!! :)

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