Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fight or Plight?

A lot has been on my mind with the new year beginning and I've been thinking lately about things in life that we all go through daily. There are some things that I have been sitting on the fence about and the message "let go" as been resonated throughout by being. Though I know it's best to probably let go, I don't want to do so. I want to stand and fight for what I believe in and what I want...reason being because I see, feel and know the worth of what it is I will be letting go. I know how special it is and the potential for beyond special is there as well. If I decide to truly let go, I think it will be the biggest mistake of the lives of all those involved. But then again mistakes have their purpose too! Sometimes our mistakes are our greatest accomplishments! There is beauty in that irony.

So,at what point do you decide to stand and fight or just let go! What makes it worth the fight? Is it the simple conclusion of being the winner or can it be living in the moment of your desire. We all have breaking points, so does it mean that if I let go then I've been broken or a failure?

I'm speaking on the topics of life, love and business. I'm just giving some outward expression to my inward thoughts.


Cindy said...

It's a tough call, Serena. It definitely depends on the circumstances. I think in your heart you will soon know the best answer.... Hope this works out for you.

Christine Ritchey said...

Hi Serena. I found you through Cindy and ABS. I've always found that fence sitting eventually leaves me with a sore butt. I hear you using words like 'worth,' 'potential,' and 'special.' I feel a lot of emotion in your email. Is this a black and white decision or is there room for compromise in the grey areas? Cindy's right - it's a tough call. I think a little more fence sitting is in order, at least until your heart tells you what to do. Brains are great and have their uses, but eventually I find that my heart will let me know the answer. I hope your decision is the one that is best for all concerned. I will pray that everything works out in the best possible way. May you be blessed!

Diana Balot Frank said...

If you feel you have any fight in you, I think you'll regret it if you don't fight. There comes a point when you know there is no point and you're just allowing yourself to be used and abused, when you know it's time to say, I won't allow this to happen to me anymore. I have gone through a lot with my 2 children and I am at that point now that after 33 and 27 years I cannot and will not be the cash cow anymore. They are going to have to stand on their own since I am now unemployed at the age of 56 and back in graduate school so I can hopefully get another job and continue to work until I drop. I'm exhausted and my younger brother had a stroke on Christmas Day and died 2 days later. I don't want that to happen to me. Good luck.

Serena Trent said...

Wow, these were all good answers. Yes it is a tough call and sometimes walking away is best.

Thank you for your insight and encouragement.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Go with your gut - it probably knows the right thing to do. For me I've learned to do what's best for me from what is concrete - not what I would like to be. Don't put "if" into the equation.i.e. if this happens ...then.... use what you have and make your desicion based on facts - Can you tell I'm a virgo??? LOL Good Luck !

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