Monday, July 23, 2007

Theme of the Week ~ July 23 :: July 28

Earthy Elements!!!

Picked by PinkIceJewels (she has a FABULOUS tribal line in her shop!!) is intending anything natural, earthy, bone, coconut, stones, seeds, wood, tribal or ethnic-y. Something new for etsyBEAD!!Here is how it works. etsyBEAD sellers will get to work in their studios creating new items to fit the theme. (Of they can relist something already in their shops.) Once they list it, it will be specially priced somehow, tagged with "EBTW" and listed on our group Flickr page. are also encouraged to post links to their shops in this thread as well. Check back all week as new items are added all the time! Just don't wait to long...prices go back up after the new Theme is announced NEXT Sunday!!Sellers, please please please! Use the search function in your shop to find all old tags of EBTW and remove them. This tag is ONLY for the current week's items. Buyers thank you, as it keeps the search on theme for the week.

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