Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joann's Demo Challenge

Jesse James bead sets (left), finished stretch bracelets

Throughout my three years working at Joann Etc., I elect to do the jewelry demos every so often. In the pass I usually post (months later) when I complete one. I want to get better at posting these sort of things but I get so bumped about the demo that I don’t get excited about doing them. Reason being because the demos are usually very easy skills that I acquired some time ago. I’m a person who needs to be challenged (there goes that word again) but anyway…I need to be provoked! So today I provoked myself into doing something different.

the finished bracelet with a charm dangle from the toggle

I got so excited about the challenge and revealing yesterday that I’m still in that mode, looking for another avenue pump up the creative juices and come up with something good. I went in earlier in the week to make a couple of the samples for the demo and realized that it really would only take me 15 minutes to complete the entire thing (I get two hours for each demo). So I challenged myself to come with a new design, using different techniques and skill sets but using some of the beads from the demo. The beads are titled "Designer Mixes, Trendy, Hot, Current Colors". I think it looks like a blue jean mix. I also added beads from the Michaels Challenge and some of the rock crystal. I have three different metals; brass, silver and gunmetal in this design. It’s funny because the managers and guests liked my bracelet over the stretch ones. I felt good about it too!

I just wanted to share my self created challenge. I want to host a challenge, titled “Treasure Hunt”. I haven’t worked out the details yet but as soon as I do I’ll let everyone in on it. I thought blog hopping and viewing each other’s designs was fun. And I can’t wait to get started on the next one.

Below is the Jesse James display at the store.


Silver Charm Bracelet  said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing I really love collecting bracelets. This holiday season I'm looking forward for some Silver Charm Bracelet.

jamberry_song said...

The display looks suitably delicious. :3 I'll be on the lookout for your challenge, for sure! They are a lot of fun and it's so eye-opening to see how people do such unique and creative things with what they are given. The bracelet you made is lovely and here's to self challenges!!


My Life Under the Bus said...

Isn't it great when you put that fire under yourself? - I say run with it! My Joannes just moved into a new building but there jewelry seletion is much less then it was before : (

Pretty Things said...

Nice work!!! I love me some blue.

Sarabeth said...

love it! i was at joann's on sunday with my sis and just fell in love with this display so of course i had to pick up a couple :)

happy new year!


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