Monday, December 6, 2010

Work n Progress...

Ha ha! I said I was getting ready for my party on the 16th and I'm not playing. I have bs long enough and it's time for me to ARRIVE! LOL! No, seriously here are JUST some of the things I've decided to pull out of my head and make an reality.

I really want to get back into my business of making jewelry. I have been off track for a while and having a baby did not help matters either but of course I will not place blame on him…it’s all me. I love everything about crafting and selling my designs but I’ve gotten lost along the way. So, I have endured the struggle and accept all that it brings. I have decided to stop making excuses and just find a way to do things. And I have tried and tried again to find my own design voice, let me tell you it’s a work in progress, as we all are as humans.

In trying to find my own voice I have found that it is a journey and not a trip or a vacation. It’s going to be on going and never ending and I’m going to find that some aspects of myself I don’t like, so I’ll change. Brick walls, ditches, dug holes, gutters, barrels, ish up creeks and forked roads are all really, REALLY good experiences. Of course while going through the experience is agony but it gives way to growth. I know trust me personally. You will discover so much about yourself by going through…literally!

I have come to really like…no LOVE my mad ideas and I have learned to love those ideas whether others do or don’t because they are all of me, from me, so who else but me should love them. My designs are my babies, my children. We all love children whether their good or bad especially those of your own.

I did not expect this post to be so long but I guess I just felt like sharing. Anyway, if you made it this far you've seen some pics of the things I’ve been working on…Have a good one, People!

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