Saturday, October 16, 2010

100 designs + a tutu in 14 days

I have set a goal I know so HIGH that it's going to be nearly impossible to complete but that's the beauty of a goal, especially one as challenged as this!

This is the deal I set the 100 designs for the month of October but to no avail as of today, I've only completed 1 pair of earrings and half a necklace. I'm trying to build inventory for a couple of parties coming up in November and hopefully for those to following December.

You know the worst part is (you thought I gave you the bad news already - NO) I'm having designer's block (like writer's block, I have those too!), so I in stuck mode. I'll work through it besides...The Michaels' Challenge will help me at least get a couple of necklaces actually completed...we shall see!

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