Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Etsy Seller Feature:: Tiana Madisyn

Another feature Etsy Seller.... Tatiana! She wants to tell you all about her shop!

Hello,my name is Tatiana and I currently live in Hamden,CT. I a first time mom and I have a beautiful 12 month daughter named Madisyn. She is the reason why I have an etsy shop. She's my inspiration.-http://www.tianamadisyn.etsy.com/

No, I do not have a blog.. yet

I'm a girlie girl, so I love pinks and I also love earthy tones.

That would have to be my bridal bouquet. I made it because I wanted to have something that would last and has special meaning. I love flowers. I didn't want to just have pictures of my bouquet. Plus, I'm saving it for my little pumpkin, for her wedding day.

I get ideas from everywhere. Especially when I take little madisyn to the park. There's so many cool colors to look at. I get alot of ideas from the outdoors.

No, the atmosphere does not affect me.

Where- I have a little studio at home and also in my greenhouse.

-Favorite Materials- Of course ANYTHING Swarovski, Love Lampwork beads, Semi precious gemstones.-favorite thing to do is to just create beautiful items.

-Why handmade- it has more meaning, and most likely will be a ooak piece. There is so much mass production of jewelry- it's nice to have something that has meaning and ooak.

-Always keep a positive attitude, remember that everyone has different taste, and promote, promote, promote.-I'm a Medicare Appeals Analyst also studying for my Master's degree in Human Services.

-Patience-Book-Your best life now- joel osteen

-In ten years- I'd like to own a bead shop, full service spa, women's shelter. Be a psychologist, a great mom, and wife.

Here are some items that are in Tiana's store:




Please visit her on ETSY!

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