Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Adventures and #63 Earrings of the Day

Halloween was so busy for me. I went to the hospital to see Olivia, who is now 10 lbs. 6 oz. and five months old. I took my son, Savon with me as well. I'm glad i did because the hospital had a party for the children in Peds and their families. My little Iron Man, Savon, didn't have to go out later, he got enough at the party. In the picture below, he was having a super hero crisis. His Dad bought him an Iron Man costume and the Doc at the hospital had an extra batman mask that he gave him. After that he didn't want to put on the mask for Iron Man. I got my face painted and dressed my little lady as a bug.

We later went out with my 14 year old niece and god-daughter, they were 80's babies. lol A hot mess if you ask me but whose asking. We all had fun! Oh did I mention, I also got a chance to see Puss n'Boots today, very funny movie. As you can see my day was FULL and FUN!

Pumpkin Spice
The earrings below were my first attempt at polymer clay bead making. I tried to make....you guess it....PUMPKINS! LOL

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