Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Design Challenge + Earrings of the Day...#62

Blue Bell Fairies

Featured earrings for today are Blue Bell Fairies. I've been really thinking about starting a design challenge group. I've tossed around the idea in my head, trying to come up with the how tos of going about doing this.

I've asked questions like:
  • What would a design challenge achieve?
  • Who and how do I get people to join?
  • What type of activites would we do?
  • Would it be devoted to a specific type of jewelry (i.e. earrings, bracelets, neckalaces...etc.)?
So I prose the question to you my blog followers. Please leave your comments, tell me what you think.

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berry'n'cheese said...

Thank you so much girl for following my blog ^_^ And welcome to my world :D

Mina Juwelry said...

I love the earrings!! Well done!!

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