Wednesday, October 12, 2011

90 days of earrings and counting

I get stumped when making jewelry and have to seek different avenues to get inspired. I LOVE earrings and I believe a girl can never ever have too many pair, besides earrings were the first thing that I created when I started making jewelry.

So, I picked up a copy of the books pictured below and caught some inspiration and guidance. My etsy store needs to be stocked up for the Holidays, so the plan is to make 1.5 earrings a day until the end of the year. If my calculations are correct I actually will have 126 pair of earrings (I started yesterday). I always make more than one pair when I sit for a session. I usually do about 5 pair in an hour. So, I should have more than enough inventory for the etsy shop, consignments and private jewelry parties.

So here is to 90 pairs of earrings...starting with the pair published in this month's Bead Trends (Oct 2011). The earrings titled "Sunset Blooms" are on page 65. Please see below. Check out a video about this issue and meet Tatia Meyer, Editor of Bead Trends.

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