Thursday, February 28, 2013

Craft shows from the past

These are pictures of my craft shows in my past efforts to put my creations on display. I wanted to post pictures of my craft show displays from the past. And now that I see what I was doing, no wonder I didn't get much sales. The booths were not very appealing. If I was a B&M no one would walk into my store and if they did...they would walk right back out! lol

But I will start off with the most recent and end with my run in 2005. I have one show that I cannot find the pictures. That's when I did my own thing at the Holiday Inn Express formerly known as the Hawthorne Inn & Suites in Southfield, Michigan. I believe the pics are on an old computer that I no longer own.
It has taken me sometime to get this together, longer than I had planned. I finally got the pictures that I was looking for...
Home Show (at my house), Wixom, Michigan 8/2005

Pumpkinfest 2005, South Lyon, Michigan (10/2005)

Holly Holiday, Holly, Michigan (11/2005)
2010 Christmas Party at the Hampton Inn, Northville, Michigan (12/2010)
In reviewing these I know I need more product and my booth needs some tender loving care, maybe some light. I will post pics of future shows and ideas.

If you would like to give me advice please by all means do so....thank you!

Serena Trent


Allie said...
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Allie said...

I like your displays. Maybe a banner that hangs from the table. Something that could be seen from across the room with your name/brand on it. :)

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