Saturday, March 3, 2012

Candy Coated Ears ~ Earring Challenge

Fantasy Art Print - Love Letter 2 by Jamie Best

I sooo love this print. I created beads and charms of this color palette. I've made a large array of things that I decide to host an earring challenge.

The challenge rules and timeline go like this.

1) You must make a pair of earrings using this color palette
2) You have to include wire and/ or chain in your earring design
3) You must have a blog as well

You can of course make as many pair of earrings as you like.  Please sign-up by leaving a comment; list your email, as well as, your blog's link.

The BIG Reveal day will be March 25th.

Any questions please email me,


Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

Sounds like fun!
My blog is
Deb x

Lori Anderson said...

I would love to but I am in the middle of the busiest time of the spring for me (big show coming up, some proposals due, etc) but would love to be notified of others!!!

Gail Accinelli said...

Sounds fun! Here is my blog: Thank you

Boot ~C said...

sign me up, plz!

Cheryl Dunham said...

Yes it does sound like fun. My blog is Http://

Cheryl Dunham said...

Forgot to leave my email.

Cheryl Dunham said...

Well I noticed my blog address is wrong. It is Http://
My email is

dlkfox said...

Challenge accepted!

Do you have to use all the colors in the palette or only ones included the the palette? And...when is the challenge due?

My blog is:

JeannieK said...

You can count me in. I assume we don't have to use every color in our challenge earrings?

JeannieK said...

Will you be sending us a list of blog links to add to our post?

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