Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finding Enough Content

I have been thinking about my blog and how I can post more...what is there really to talk about and I got to thinking some more.

Writer's block tends to clog up the brain and I become an idiot. I lose track of the purpose of a blog and that is to help my guests get to know me a little better. So, after I thought of it from that point-of-view I realize I have tons of things I could talk all may not want to hear any of it but needless to say, I will still talk about it.

For instance, I am currently trying to finish up my nieces' (two as in plural) customes by Friday. And I have one dress made for one who wabts to be Tinkerbell but there is a shell that goes over that dress (have yet to start on). Then, the other, I have yet to start sewing and she wants to be the cheerleader from High School Musical for the other. But I purchased all the remaining notions and things for completion today and I'm feeling pretty good about the outcome by Friday. So, I'll have more content to post on this lovely blog of mine once the customes are finished.

I also have some new designs coming for the holiday. I hope they turn out to be as cool as they are in my head (hopefully). I plan to have a vote (just something to do). I think it would be fun.

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