Sunday, December 9, 2007

5 Things about ME. . .

1) I'm addict to creating things; stories, poetry, jewelry, clothing, quilts, etc ... anything pretty much!

2) I am the eldest of 5 children.

3) Pink is NOT my favorite color! Despite the name of my company. (go figure)

4) My favorite board game is MONOPOLY!!!

5) I love to stay up late...not a morning person at all!


OH... Tagging 7, yes seven people hummm, wonder who will it be!!!

I tagged...
Tiina Teaspoon, Jewelry by Tara, Welcome to Girl Land, My Little Cuddle Bugs, Sweet Irie Originals, Caties Blue, Purse-onality.

Visit these blogs and their shops for all the beautiful handmade items...all by these great artists.

::: Thanks to Sue of Signature Sterling for getting this tag thing rolling...


SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

SO funny about the "pink"! And I answered the burning question about Earl Bruce!

royaloaker said...

Hi there! I did this awhile back, so I am going to be lazy and link to that post. :) Thanks for the tag!

As for the MICE group, you can just email and ask to be invited, I believe!

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