Wednesday, August 8, 2007

EBTW for This week Aug. 5 ~ 11th

"Good Morning Sunshine!"

Thanks to cserpent who chose etsyBEAD's latest Theme of the Week (ebtw) "Good Morning Sunshine" for the week of August 5-11th.

Here is how it works:

etsyBEAD's team members (now over 200 of them!!) go into creation mode and will begin to list their sunny creations. Each seller will tag their items "EBTW" and "Good Morning Sunshine." This makes it super easy for everyone to search and find the latest and greatest work ON SALE!!!!!! In addition, sellers will upload their EBTW items to the group Flickr Pool

You can also get to know us all as we update our Blog with featured members and items from the sale!

So much to see, and so little time, as come next Sunday a NEW THEME will be announced and all the old items go back to their higher prices. What are you waiting for?? There are gifts to buy!!

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